Fee Waiver and Fee Notice

Please refer to Utah State Board of Education Resources. to view/download the following forms:

    • School Fees Notice (K-6)
    • School Fees Notice (7-12)
    • School Fee Waiver Application (K-6)
    • School Fee Waiver Application (7-12)
    • Fee Waiver Decision and Appeal Form
    • School Fees Poster (K-6)
    • School Fees Poster (7-12)

Forms Available to Download


Policies & Handbooks

To view/download additional documents and handbooks, please check out our Policies & Handbooks page.

Metadata Dictionary

Click on the following link to access Maria Montessori Academy’s Metadata Dictionary.  After you click on the link, select “Maria Montessori Academy” from the drop down menu under the “Districts” tab on the left side of the webpage.

Maria Montessori Academy Metadata Dictionary