Maria Montessori Academy Fundraising

School’s Fundraising Purpose

Maria Montessori Academy is a free, public charter school that prides itself not only on academic success, but also on creating a school culture with relationships and community at its heart. As part of this, we actively encourage all students to get involved in fundraising activities for both local school efforts as well as larger community charities.

Each year, we see a growing number of students with the confidence to come forward with their own fundraising ideas. Seeing these ideas through to fruition involves determination, planning, negotiation, hard work and risk taking and a supportive school community. The joy students experience when they succeed and the pride they feel when they realize a sense of accomplishment in fundraising efforts is unmistakable.  Staff have also seen this increased confidence and can-do attitude carried through into students’ attitude to learning.

With team effort and community support, fundraising can mean so much more to MMA than just raising money for a good cause. Like many successful charter schools, we are expected “do more” with less, but it is inevitable that, like others, we turn to philanthropic sources to support unique and innovative aspects of our program, such as the annual trips.

Basic Fundraising Assumptions:

  • All members of the school community – the Board, staff, students, and families embrace fundraising ideas and play an active role in development efforts.
  • Successful fundraising is based on the fostering of long-term relationships with community foundations, individual donors and corporations.
  • A balanced mix of funding sources and of solicitation approaches best ensures stability and credibility.
  • It is impractical to have set rules for every fundraising campaign or scenario and that overall the fundraising strategies MMA will employ will be both practical and ethical.

In planning for fundraising activities and events MMA will aim to:

  • Achieve a balance of activities intended to raise funds and strengthen the school community.
  • Be mindful that the school community is a finite resource. MMA will be sensitive to the limited resources (both financial resources and time available to volunteer) of families and will include activities that engage the broader community.
  • Ensure that activities aimed at the school community be affordable for most parents.
  • In the case of fundraising activities that extend beyond the immediate school community, MMA will aim to engage with organizations whose image, products and services are consistent with school values
  • Where possible, support local businesses first in recognition of the value of the local economy and community ties.

MMA’s Fundraising Dates

Year Long Fundraisers:

T-shirt Sales/Sweatshirt, Vests/Zip-up coats opens up and runs for the duration of the school year. Orders will be filled on the 15th and 30th of the month.

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Fundraising Purpose

The purpose for each of the fundraisers is to raise the needed money to support our field trip experiences. Field experiences are an extension of zoology, botany, ecology, geography, and geology that students have been studying all year.  Students will participate in a number of initiatives where they will build communication, cooperation, and trust with their classmates.