Our School Report Card

You can find our school report card here!


School LAND Trust

SCHOOL LAND TRUST is a program established by the Utah Legislature to distribute the “annual dividend” funds from the State School Fund to all public schools in the state. All schools are required to have a Community Council/School LAND Trust Committee, which can be the Governing Board or an elected group of parents, teachers, and administration that will prepare an annual plan to address the schools greatest academic needs.

Committee Meetings

The School Land Trust Committee typically meets the third Monday of each month after school. For more information about the School Land Trust program or to attend a meeting contact Sara Tucker.

The committee will meet on the third Tuesday of the month

Committee Members

We are grateful to the members of the School LAND Trust Committee for their service. We advertise openings in this committee through our weekly family newsletters.  To apply submit a formal intent via email to Sara Tucker and the school will follow the LAND Trust Council Membership and Election Procedures.

Plans and Reports

If you would like to know more about the School Land Trust Program, please watch these videos:

Teacher and Student Success Act (TSSA)

The Teacher and Student Success Act plan is designed to improve the school’s performance under the state’s accountability system.

USBE Assessment and Accountability

Please follow this link to see the school reports provided by the Utah State Board of Education.

USBE Data Gateway


Maria Montessori Academy will be using the ESSER III funds awarded by the state in the following ways:

20% of the funds may be used to address student learning and accelerate student achievement to regain ground lost in learning.

80% of the funds may be used to upgrade wireless technology, technology devices, equipment, and services to ensure the health and safety of students.

If you would like to provide feedback on the plan, please contact Sara Tucker.