Club Sports

Maria Montessori Academy Club Sports are open to students of different age groups depending on the club and ability of the student.

MMA Club Forms:

Archery Club:

Archery 3 Archery

Archery Club was founded in November of 2015. This is a before school club that runs from 7:30-8:15 AM. Members also have the opportunity participate in the Utah National Archery in the Schools State Tournament (NASP). To view the NASP website click here.


Shanan Zollinger                              Email:


Hiking Club:

Hiking Club HIking Club 2

Hiking Club was established in March of 2016. Hiking club is split into beginning and intermediate groups. These groups range in grade levels from Pre K-9th grade.

Hiking Club Mission Statement:  To foster learning, wonder, exploration, and deepen our understanding of ourselves and all living things through engaging all or our senses in the natural world.  Our hope is to inspire the club members to gain a knowledge of the world around them, make connects with nature and in turn, become stewards of our greater natural community.

Head of Club:

Joy Baty                                     Email:


Beginner Advisers:

Leigh Owen                             Email:
Jessica Atwood                        Email:
Anna Hafen                             Email:


Intermediate Advisers:

Emily Goddard                        Email:
Marleen Hensley                     Email:
Elise Jankord                            Email: