Traditional homework is kept to a minimum.

No Homework!

Montessori Schools do not typically assign daily homework. 

Dr. Montessori believed that if we do not dictate the work of the child in class, then it does not make sense to dictate the work they choose at home. Therefore, traditional homework is kept to a minimum.

Montessorians feel that children spend all day in the classroom learning and need their afternoons and evenings to pursue their personal interests, interact with their families and relax. 

  • Instead, we encourage activities which constructively direct a child’s pursuits during home hours, while nurturing their interests and building family bonds. A fundamental truth permeates Montessori’s work: children are desperate to learn! In a Montessori class, children are motivated to discover why and how things work. Therefore, homework, in a Montessori sense, is work that the child does at home, as an extension of his or her educational exploration. This can include things like household chores. Having responsibilities at home can help language skills and increase cultural awareness.
  • Make math a part of your home environment such as having the child pair socks and count by twos; dividing a pizza into equal parts; measuring ingredients, shopping and making change. Things such as this gives the child a voice in family decisions will help a child’s confidence, perceptions of Math concepts as well as learning about their own economic geography. Reading with your child every day will result in quality time, confidence and language skills, while creating a love of reading.
  • Quality Education has been a very hot topic recently in our news and social media as well as in films and documentaries and yet the question remains: Will more homework raise academic achievement and test scores? Much has been said about overly programmed after-school schedules; too much homework that steals family time; and an approach to learning that emphasizes memorization and test scores over real understanding and critical thinking.
  • Please consider spending quality time with your children, inspiring their natural curiosity and love for learning. They are only children for a short time.

MMA focuses more on home based projects than daily homework. Your teacher will give you more information on this as the year begins.