Community Partnerships

Maria Montessori Academy works hard to foster good community partnerships—it is good for the kids, good for safety, and positive for our community.

Community is a big thing that we work really hard to build!


North Ogden
Police Department

We have a good relationship with North Ogden Police Department—they are in our building all the time. 

They walk the building and visit with the kids.


North Ogden
Fire Department

We have a good relationship with the North Ogden Fire Department—the fire station is next door!

They come by and visit the kids frequently.


North Ogden

We have very close relationships with the North Ogden Pool facility.


Gratitude Feast

We host a Gratitude feast once a year, inviting community partners to come for lunch!

We put on program and host the North Ogden Police, North Ogden Fire Department, North Ogden City, as well as organizations from Pleasant View, Harrisville and North Ogden.

They visit the kids, read to them, and have lunch.

We shower them with appreciation!