Dress Code

Maria Montessori Academy (the “School”) is concerned with the inner development of the child’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-­­being. Therefore, we seek to limit undue focus on external appearances. 

Betiwyn Holcombe, a Montessori expert, best expresses the School’s dress code focus, “A child who wants to shine needs to focus on shining from their mind not from what he or she puts on their body.”

Dress Code Samples

A plain collared button down    shirt IS appropriate only    when completely buttoned.

A plain collared shirt IS appropriate.

A plain collared button down shirt IS appropriate only when completely buttoned.

A plain sweater over a collard shirt IS appropriate.

Plain khaki pants ARE appropriate.

Plain khaki joggers ARE appropriate.

Plain colored pants ARE appropriate.

A plain colored button down shirt is appropriate only when completely buttoned.

Leggings with a fingertip length skirt IS appropriate.

Plain corduroy pants ARE appropriate.


  • Color: Any solid color.
  • Styles: Uniform polo’s, button-­down shirts (must remain buttoned even with undershirt).
  • Layering: Sweaters, pullovers, vests, and sweatshirts may be worn over shirts with collars and must comply with solid color restrictions and no logos. Students may wear layer long sleeve / short sleeve shirts under collared shirts.
  • School Pride T-­­Shirt: May be worn any day of the week. This is the only shirt that is allowed without collar. For school safety teacher may require all students to wear school shirt on field trips.
  • Dresses: Must have collars.
  • Outerwear: Outerwear is defined as anything worn over the standardized dress, such as, but not limited to: hoodies, jackets, and coats. Students shall not be allowed to wear any type of hood/hoodie inside the school building. Nothing offensive on outerwear is allowed, such as images, sayings, artwork, music groups, etc.


  • Color: Any solid color.
  • Material: Cotton, twill, corduroy.
  • Style: Plain, pleated, cargo; no sagging or baggy pants.
  • Skirts / jumpers / shorts: Pleated or straight; hemlines should fall below fingertips when arms are extended down sides of body. Leggings must be worn with skirts / dresses.
  • Tights / hose / leggings: Solid colors only; leggings may only be worn under skirts  /dresses / skorts.
  • Denim and or jeans may be worn on Friday only.


All students need to have a soft sole shoe / slipper that must be worn at all times while in the building. The slipper needs to be free from logos, lettering, graphics, sparkles, sheen, decorative accents, and characters.
*Note: a small pattern is acceptable.

Accessories / Hair

  • Hairstyles and hair accessories are expected to be non-­distracting and out of their eyes. 
  • Jewelry and other accessories are limited to wristwatches and non-distracting earrings. 
  • Hats or hoods will be worn outdoors only, and in the manner for which it was designed for.

Not Allowed

  • Visible tattoos.
  • Large or clanging jewelry.
  • Bandanas, feathers, orscarves.
  • Bare midriffs when raising arms or whensitting.
  • Clothing that is frayed, has holes, tears, stains or is made of denim.

All clothing must be clean, free of tears and holes.

Junior High School dress code allows the following:

  • Jeans may be worn on a daily basis, but must be free from all holes and rips. Hems must be free of fraying and may not drag on the ground. Jeans must be free of distracting designs, and logos, and fit appropriately at the waist so that all undergarments are completely covered.
  • Shirts must have a collar. No logos or screen prints on shirt will be permitted. Shirts must be solid print. Shirts must also be free from holes and tears. Shirts may not be sleeveless.
  • All clothing must not be excessively baggy or too tight.
  • Students may wear denimpants.
  • Students are not required to haveslippers.